Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rick Sealock

Rick Sealock graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1986, and has been a freelance illustrator ever since. Sealock works at home, and admits he likes that he can work with clients across North America, without stepping out of his house. Out of college he sold himself to his clients, branded his work, and went to meetings dressed as a cowboy. “My work was standing out as being exotic. I used that to my advantage. When I first started out I used cow skin textures, cowboys, chickens animals, anything Western,” Sealock said. 

“Everyone thought I actually lived in Mexico. I made myself look like as if I was in the American Wild West, and everyone gave me jobs.” Sealock made a name for himself as an illustrator, and focused on producing work that was unique to his style. “I tried to create a stylistic approach that really branded my visual, so you knew you’re getting a Rick Sealock. Anyone around the world would know they were looking at a Rick Sealock.”

“It’s a great life but you could be a writer, doctor, nurse, or even dental hygienist if you want to do something for money. A lot of people can draw and create illustrations. A lot of them are boring to look at. I don’t care how well you made it sound, if it’s boring to look at it’s still a piece of boring art,” Sealock said.

His words of wisdom come down to two things for anyone interested in illustration: thick skin, and inspiration. “Thick skin means you keep going. Find out why you want to draw pictures. Light the fire, set the torches. Be inspired for some reason, because you inspire others as you go along. Really enjoy drawing,” Sealock said.

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