Saturday, January 5, 2013

HR Giger

Hans Rudolph Giger is a surrealist painter, sculptor and set designer, most famous for his character and set design for the 1979 film Alien.  Giger was born in Switzerland, the son of a chemist.  His father viewed art as a 'breadless profession' and encouraged Giger to enter the field of pharmacueticals.  Despite this, he moved to Zurich in 1962 to study art and architecture at the School of Applied Arts.

For most of Giger's career, he worked predominantly in airbrush, but more recently has turned to pastels, markers and ink.  His imagery combines humanistic and machine forms into a style termed 'biomechanical.'  Giger suffers from 'night terrors' and his paintings are all influenced by this particular sleep disorder.

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