Friday, February 15, 2013

Oleg Denisenko

Ukranian artist Oleg Denisenko (b.1961) creates work that looks as as though it is centuries old.  His images of figures, horses, and imaginary machines remind one of diagrams from the 12th century.  Denisenko is a Ukranian printmaker, painter, sculptor and calligrapher.

"The magic of black and white on the shining summits touches the heart with soft and disturbing breath of patina. It is very real… it is forever… The wish to comprehend the absolute truth is so desirable, but so unattainable. And only when we touch it the hope is born again. The holiness of taboo is esteemed. The pilgrim will tread three thousand ways until the echo of the man in the golden helmet will be heard. And tomorrow’s rain will prove the idea of the adherence to the golden mean. Finally the puzzle should be solved."

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  1. These are utterly fantastic and are really crazy to look at and try and dissect!