Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Katherine Streeter

Katherine Streeter lives in New York City.  Her work  is commissioned and shown globally which includes her collage dolls and mixed media paintings.  She believes that everything processed creatively feeds into the work she does commercially, and she often has too many personal projects mapped out in her sketchbooks. Once upon a time, she had a full time job at as the staff illustrator, where she created numerous pieces daily. 
She was a panelist for the Society of Publication Design speaker series: 'Do it with Illustration: Under the Influence with Today's Most Arresting Illustrators".  Also, being one of 25 artists chosen for The American Illustration Time Line exhibit, her work is traveling globally in honor of the 25th anniversary of the annual book.  Prior to this, she was invited into the contemporary illustration exhibit The Fabulous Coloured Pencils of the World,  hosted by Cultural Association Teatrio in Rome , which included 43 women artists from around the world.

Some of her clients include:   The New York Times, Harpers Magazine, Warner Brothers, and Target, among others.

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